Breakfast and Brunch

Want to start the day off right with the most important meal of the day, but not sure where to go? Have a look at some of our favourite eateries for a quick breakfast or a lazy brunch. We think you’ll agree that they’re pretty good…

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  1. Breakfast and Brunch

    Harts Bakery

    Bakery Centre 2 tips
    5 Votes

    A hidden gem beneath the arches of Temple Meads station. Stop off and grab a pastry on your journey or go early for lunch. There’s a line for a reason! They’re best known for their Wonderbuns and these sell out incredibly fast, so get in quick.

  2. Breakfast and Brunch

    Cosy Club

    BarRestaurant Centre No tips
    4 Votes

    This place is probably better known for its cocktails and happy hour, but it’s a grand place to get some grub of a morning too. It’s a chain and whilst it’s not exactly the most amazing breakfast you’ll ever have, it’s certainly not bad. Order your breakfast with a virgin (or not) Bloody Mary or virgin Breeze to start your day with that party feeling.

  3. Breakfast and Brunch

    Stock Exchange Bakery

    Bakery Old City No tips
    3 Votes

    A gourmet full English with Avocado? Freshly made pancakes slathered with maple syrup? Oh, yes! This little bakery is hidden away down St Nicholas Street, but is worth seeking out. They’re most recently famous for trying to emulate the rainbow bagel with funfetti cream cheese. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like your breakfast incredibly sweet and colourful, then why not?

  4. Breakfast and Brunch

    Spicer and Cole

    Coffee shop Centre 1 tip
    3 Votes

    If you weren’t looking closely, you’d be forgiven for missing this little spot between Queen Square and the Welsh Back. Focusing on locally sourced and in-season food, with artisan coffee and special breakfasts on the weekends, this is a well designed place that prides themselves on what they create. They’ve also just opened up a new store on the Gloucester Road, so they must be doing something right.

  5. Breakfast and Brunch

    Boston Tea Party

    CafeCoffee shop Park Street No tips
    3 Votes

    The Boston Tea Party cafes at Whiteladies Road and Gloucester Road are nice, but lack the atmosphere of their counterpart at Park Street. A favourite for many, it’s almost always busy. In the summer, it’s nice to sit out in the garden and enjoy your meals al fresco. The food is fresh and lovingly prepared. With speciality teas and coffees, you can find yourself chilling out there for the morning and into the afternoon and evening, if you’re not careful.

  6. Breakfast and Brunch


    Restaurant Clifton 1 tip
    2 Votes

    Tiny American-style diner at the top of Park Street/just off the Triangle. Go for the milkshakes (yes, even for breakfast), stay for the pancakes and atmosphere. If you get there before 9am on a weekday, the breakfast is ridiculously cheap.

  7. Breakfast and Brunch


    BakeryCafe Broadmead No tips
    1 Vote

    Boulangerie is a small bakery that makes delicious filled baguettes and sandwiches etc for a good price. Not somewhere you’d necessarily sit in, it’s nice to grab a bacon baguette and take it to Castle Park nearby. They also deliver at certain times of the day, which is a plus.

  8. Breakfast and Brunch

    Tinto Lounge

    Cafe Horfield No tips
    1 Vote

    There are many Lounges across the Bristol area (and the greater South West). If you want a reasonable, but tasty home-cooked breakfast, take a trip down the Gloucester Road and check out the Tinto Lounge. Also good for board games, if you’ve got some time to spare.

  9. Breakfast and Brunch

    Grounded (Bedminster)

    Cafe Bedminster No tips
    1 Vote

    There are a few of these dotted around the greater Bristol area. The Bedminster branch is the most central one and it has a cosy, relaxed atmosphere. Everything is cooked to order; you get a hearty meal for what you pay and a feeling of being part of the community. A great place if you want to meet up with a large group after a night out.

  10. Breakfast and Brunch


    Restaurant Clifton No tips
    0 Votes

    The sort of place to spend a lazy Saturday morning having a lavish brunch. You might know it better for special meals out, but they do serve breakfast every day. As well as the usual favourites, they make an incredibly extravagant lobster benedict. You know, for those with a taste for that sort of thing.

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