Sweet Treats

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, Bristol certainly delivers this in abundance. Whether you’re craving a delicious ice cream, a hot home made pudding or a creative cake, you’ll be spoilt for choice

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  1. Sweet Treats

    Swoon Gelato

    Dessert Place Centre 1 tip
    9 Votes +4
  2. Sweet Treats


    Bakery Park Street 1 tip
    3 Votes

    New kid on the Park Street block, Pinkmans is one of those patisseries where you honestly just can't. go. wrong! Everything is delicious, and if you want to balance out your blood sugar a little bit you could opt for a light lunch there too.

  3. Sweet Treats

    Ben’s Cookies

    Dessert Place Cabot Circus No tips
    3 Votes

    Amidst the hustle and bustle of Saturday shoppers is a tiny counter serving the best cookies known to man. Top tip: ask for the just-baked cookies and you'll discover a warm gooey melting centre.

  4. Sweet Treats

    Mokoko Coffee & Bakery

    BakeryCoffee shop Harbourside 2 tips
    2 Votes

    The new kid on the block. Mokoko is a coffee shop and bakery offering so many cakes and pastries you'll be spoilt for choice

  5. Sweet Treats

    Ahh Toots

    Dessert Place St Nicholas Market No tips
    0 Votes

    A creative and visual delight, the sight of which is only matched by its exquisite flavours. Firm fave: A huge slab of salted caramel and banana cake.

  6. Sweet Treats

    Margot May Tea Rooms

    Cafe Bedminster No tips
    0 Votes

    A relaxing oasis of calm, you can quietly sit and sip on a pot of speciality herbal tea while nibbling such tasty treats as a mini coconut and raspberry bite. You won't be in a hurry to leave.

  7. Sweet Treats

    Quick Crepes

    Dessert Place Harbourside No tips
    0 Votes

    Quick service. No fuss. Get yourself along to this portable stall for a yummy crepe filled with melted Malteasers.

  8. Sweet Treats


    Restaurant Stokes Croft No tips
    0 Votes

    Renowned for its locally sourced ingredients and tasty tapas this little gem also serves freshly baked custard tarts. You won't be able to stop at just one!

  9. Sweet Treats

    The Old Market Assembly

    BakeryEntertainment Old Market No tips
    0 Votes

    Surprises all round in this brand new addition to Old Market. In previous incarnations this building was a bank, a theatre, and a gay bar. Now rejuvenated and unexpectedly gentrified by the team behind The Canteen in Stokes Croft, The Assembly has a superb selection of cakes on their counter waiting patiently to be devoured.

  10. Sweet Treats

    Vee Double Moo

    Dessert Place Various No tips
    0 Votes

    You can always rely on Bristol to provide something quirky, and if scrumptious organic soft-serve ice cream dished out from a VW camper van is what you want then Vee Double Moo certainly delivers. But you might need to wait for warmer weather...

  11. Sweet Treats

    The Urban Standard

    BarRestaurant Gloucester Road No tips
    0 Votes

    Cheery service within a dimly lit fashionable and funky reclaimed wood interior, alongside their wonderful brunches The Urban Standard offers an array of posh pub-grub delights. Winter favourites are hot puddings such as saffron poached pears or apple crumble with cinnamon custard.

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